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I am an avid book reader. I prefer to read books by Indian authors or books set in India. I am also very interested in the Hindu religion/philosophy, so I do quite a bit of reading in that area. I also enjoy attending my local Hindu temple. It is so beautiful there, and the people are so gracious. They also serve delicious food. It is served with such love it is a joy to partake. I also am a real armchair traveller, so travel literature is a real favorite . I have also become a practising Buddhist, so I do a tremendous amount of studying, which I love. I enjoy going to my local Buddhist temple for study and meditation. Just to walk into the shrine room and see the beautiful serene statue of Buddha is very calming. I am also attending Yoga classes regularly, which I enjoy very much.I am also trying to improve my meditation.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Diwali

I want to wish all my Indian friends a very happy Diwali. May your days ahead be filled with love, peace and happiness.



Blogger Lotus Reads said...

Awww, thank you so much Sylvia! It is so nice of you to think of us on this wonderful Festival of Lights. Sorry I didn't notice this post sooner, but life has been pretty hectic post Diwali because I have taken on a new job.

You asked how I light the "diyas"? I just put ghee (clarified butter) into the diya and a wick. The wick if soaked in the melted ghee will light easily. The diyas, the ghee and the wicks should be available at any big Indian store during the festive season.

Again, I am sorry I am so late getting here. I hope you had a wonderful Diwali!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Hi! Well, it's Dec. 4th and I just now saw the kind note you left on my blog. Yes, you can order my book from Canada, from the link on Shiva's Arms--
I'll look for you on Shelfari!

2:02 PM  
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