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I am an avid book reader. I prefer to read books by Indian authors or books set in India. I am also very interested in the Hindu religion/philosophy, so I do quite a bit of reading in that area. I also enjoy attending my local Hindu temple. It is so beautiful there, and the people are so gracious. They also serve delicious food. It is served with such love it is a joy to partake. I also am a real armchair traveller, so travel literature is a real favorite . I have also become a practising Buddhist, so I do a tremendous amount of studying, which I love. I enjoy going to my local Buddhist temple for study and meditation. Just to walk into the shrine room and see the beautiful serene statue of Buddha is very calming. I am also attending Yoga classes regularly, which I enjoy very much.I am also trying to improve my meditation.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Prayers For The Monks, Nuns And Beautiful People Of Burma. Also, The Courageous Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Let us keep in our thoughts and prayers the beautiful people of Burma. The beautiful Monks and Nuns who are protesting peacefully, armed only with their begging bowls.

My heart goes out to Aung San Suu Kyi.A beautiful lady both on the inside and the out. For the Burmese people, Aung San Suu Kyi, represents their best and perhaps sole hope that one day there will be an end to the country's military repression.
In 1991 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to bring democracy to Burma. Lets hope together with all the other beautiful people of Burma, she will be successful

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Solitude of Emperor's by David Davidar

Well, I am not quite sure what I think of this book.
Vijay is a young man bored with his life in a small town in rural India. Quite by chance, the opportunity presents itself for him to escape when he's offered a job with a magazine. .. When he moves to Mumbai (Bombay) to begin the job he receives a nasty lesson about the violence that plagues India. He is assaulted by Hindu thugs during the riots of 1992. It did not matter to them that he was Hindu; they were taking revenge on anyone or anything that was better off or different than they were.

After he recovers his employer feels it might be good a good move for him to take a vacation away from the city .He is reminded it will be a working vacation He sends him to find out about the threat to a Christian shrine from Hindu fundamentalists in a small town. He also asks him if he would do him the favour of reading over a manuscript that he has written about three figures in Indian history whose ideas and stories he wants people to remember.

It is from this manuscript that the book receives it's name. He is befriended by Noah, a colourful character who lives in the local cemetery and quotes Pessoa, Cavafy, and Rimbaud

The second part of the book I fairly skipped over. I just could not connect......maybe I will try it again later..............